Vehicle Rental Reservations

Motor Pool

Shared Motor Pool Locations

Vehicles can be rented by any State Employee with an active Operator ID. Before using one of these vehicles, please verify with your department if they already have vehicles to utilize and that you have been given access to rent from applicable MotorPool location(s). If you don’t know your Operator ID or are unable to rent from the shared motor pools, Please contact your Agency Fleet Manager listed in the directory.

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MASOB, TSOB, Provo Regional, and Ogden Regional

The Multi-Agency State Office Building (MASOB), Taylorsville State Office Building (TSOB), Provo Regional Office Building and Ogden Regional Office Building have shared motor pools for renting vehicles for state use. The State Capitol also has a pool, but it is reserved for employees who work at the Capitol complex.

Simply click to reserve a vehicle then take your reservation number to the KeyValet Kiosk inside the building during normal business hours for State employees without access cards to the buildings who have a current Operator ID issued by their Department.

For concerns regarding an existing reservation, please call 855.358.8824, option 1.

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