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The State of Utah Fleet Operations uses differing software to improve productivity of State and customer fleets while lowering costs and extending the useful life of vehicles.

Fleet Focus (Asset Works)/MotorPool Cognos Reports

FleetFocus and Cognos allows the State of Utah to capture and analyze all costs associated with owning and operating fleets of vehicles, including equipment tracking, work order processing, preventative maintenance scheduling, part and fuel inventory, and vehicle component warranty costs.

Need a new user login? Contact your Agency Fleet Manager. Instructions for Agency Fleet Managers can be found in the Fleet Manager Handbook.

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Reference guide for Agency/Fleet Liaison

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Fuel Billing and Reports

We use EKOS software for fuel information including driver PIN numbers, fuel cards and fueling details. To access or edit your Agency’s driver and fueling information, email

Invoices can be found through Cognos Analytics Billing. Fleet Managers can also use this tool to monitor fuel costs for their fleet vehicles. New Users need to first create an account at “” and then send an email to to notify Fleet Operations of the Utah ID created and request access.

Check out the Fuel Network

Online Payment Portal

The Online Payment Portal is to view outstanding invoices for Motorpool, fuel tanks, and fuel purchases And offers the option to pay your invoice online with a bank account. To access your account, use your user ID as the email address and the password you set up with the UtahID.

Don’t remember your password? You can reset it from the log-on page using your Customer Code/Account. Please send an email to if you are unable to locate the required information.

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Fleet Forum

Fleet Operations strives to provide current information and open communication with our customers. There is a Fleet Forum held annually for training and to discuss changes. This meeting is held in person and streamed online. See below for the recording.

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