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Division of Fleet Operations
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Rent A Vehicle

Vehicles are available in shared motor pools and can be rented by any State Employee with an active Operator ID. Before renting, please check to see if your department has vehicles available.

Rent Vehicle
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Preventative Maintenance and Repair

Comprehensive vehicle maintenance and repair are included with all full service leased vehicles. The Vehicle Service Center (VSC) is available 24 hours a day to help arrange repairs and even towing, if needed at (855) FLT-UTAH (358-8824).

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State Employed Drivers

Employees of the State of Utah who need to drive a state owned or rented vehicle for business purposes will need an Operator ID and access to vehicles. Click below for the most common resources.

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Accident Procedure

State owned vehicles involved in accidents must submit an accident report via Risk Management Accident Reporting System (or going directly through Risk Management).

Auto claims are handled through Risk Management. Accidents involving a state owned vehicle can be filed by the State Agency through the Intake Portal. General Public and Insurance Companies can file an auto claim by contacting Risk Management at (801) 957-7170.

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Administrative Rules for state-owned vehicles

Rule 27 is established per Subsection 63A-9-401(1)(d), which authorizes the division to establish the requirements for the use of state vehicles, including business and personal use practices, and commute standards.

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Take Home and Commute Use

State employees needing the privilege of taking a vehicle to their physical residence overnight must first receive authorization from their Executive Director or designee. Authority is granted when the agency submits approval.

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