FY23 Service Plan

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Lease Rates

Current Vehicle Lease Rate Schedule

The Division of Fleet Operations provides a central fleet management solution for state agencies and institutions of higher education. DFO provides long term vehicle leasing at a reduced rate through economies of scale. Due to the number of vehicles purchased, DFO is able to receive substantial discounts and pass those savings to our customers. For agencies in need of a long term vehicle, DFO provides flexible leasing options. Agencies looking to expand their fleet or replace a vehicle at the end of its life should analyze their current fleet utilization, looking for vehicles that are under-utilized.  Fleet Operations will help your agency identify those vehicles and provide multiple solutions to best serve your needs. Fleet expansion requires legislative approval prior to any vehicle purchase.  Once approval has been given, each vehicle must be carefully examined as to the intended use of the vehicle, and justify why the standard state fleet vehicle will or will not accommodate the business needs of the agency.  This information will be forwarded to the Executive Director of the Department of Administrative Services for final approval. Once a vehicle lease has been authorized by the legislature and the director of DAS, the vehicle will be purchased and prepared for use by the agency.  Vehicle lease rates are determined by vehicle type and estimated annual usage. The current estimated life cycle for DFO vehicles is 105,000 miles, and 150,000 to 180,000 for heavy duty diesel applications with a max lifespan of 7 years for lease terms on vehicles.