Top left to right: Cory Weeks, Director; Lisa J Rix, Administrative Assistant
Lower left to right: Kathy Clements, Transaction Team Manager; Dan Black, Motor Pool Manager; Robert Slade, Fuel Manager;

Our Mission: Emphasizing customer service, we provide safe, efficient, dependable, and cost-effective services.











The Division of Fleet Operations (DFO) is an internal service fund and operates under the direction of the Department of Administrative Services.


Motor Pool The Motor Pool Program manages the vehicle fleet for the State of Utah. We direct every aspect of the fleet, including purchasing, leasing, and maintenance. The program uses state cooperative contracts to purchase and lease vehicles at very competitive pricing, allowing for long-term vehicle lease rates that are significantly lower than those of the private sector. The State’s vehicles are maintained via a statewide network of contracted vendors that provide efficient, easy access to services. The program also manages a towing contract that provides emergency roadside assistance for those in need. The Fleet Focus management information system is used as a repository of all information that relates to the usage of state owned or managed fleet vehicles. This includes vehicle specifics, fuel transactions, maintenance and repair data, accidents, short-term reservations, mileage, and vehicle operator specifics.