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The State of Utah’s Fuel Network is the low-cost fueling alternative. The state’s fuel contracts make these savings available to state and federal government agencies, including cities, counties, political subdivisions and school districts, and higher education to provide safe, convenient and cost effective fueling. The Fuel Network is also responsible for the maintenance of all state-owned underground storage tanks, ensuring that all federal, state, and local laws and regulations are complied with.

Each fleet vehicle is issued a fueling card. Each card has been programmed with preset limits, allowed fuel types and purchase quantity allowed. Drivers are given Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) that can only be used when fueling their assigned vehicle. The information collected with the system is used to create a monthly fuel management report for each customer Who Can Participate State Institutions of Higher Education School Districts Municipalities Cities and Counties Water and Sewer Districts Federal Government (where approved) Area Associations of Government and other tax exempt government entities.
Maintenance of tanks and fuel systems. Issuance and management of Personal ID Numbers for employee access to the system. Issuance of monthly fuel management reports. Access to more than 700 other fuel sites in Utah. Access to more than 10,000 fuel facilities nationwide. Maps/lists of locations available. Payment of all tank registration and Petroleum Storage Tank (PST) fees. Access to the 4th largest Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) infrastructure in the nation. Maintenance vendors are included on the network. Fuel Network absorbs evaporation loss. Most sites are accessible 24-hour per day, 365 day per-year. The system protects against unauthorized purchases.
The State Fuel Network provides fleet managers with a tool to monitor fuel costs. Typically, fleets are charged a $5 per vehicle card fee to participate with a fuel network. There are no such charges with the State Network. Fuel costs at State operated facilities is always a fixed rate based Fuel Network purchase price. How To Get Started There are no initial sign-up fees to participate. All that is needed is the Customer Application Form, list of vehicles and list of employees who will be fueling the vehicles. For more information contact Fuel Network Manager, Jeff Done. PHONE: 801-538-3695, FAX: 801-359-0759