Tire Replacement Procedure

The information listed below serves as a reminder regarding the appropriate steps to take when a vehicle requires tire replacement.

  1. Full Service Lease Vehicles

    Tire replacement is a valuable aspect of the DFO "Full" service lease plan. These vehicles can proceed directly to an authorized Goodyear, Firestone or Michelin tire dealer for service.

  2. Capital Lease and Owned Vehicles

    If a vehicle is operating under a "Capital" lease plan or is owned by the operating agency, the operating agency is responsible for tire replacement. Once the driver has obtained purchasing authorization from the operating agency, the vehicle may proceed to the nearest authorized vendor for service.

Should you have any further questions, please contact the DFO Purchase Approval Team at (855) FLT-UTAH (358-8824).


  • DFO Purchase Authorization
    Ph: (855) FLT-UTAH (358-8824)

Updated 4/23