Vehicle Breakdown Procedure

The information listed below serves as a reminder regarding the appropriate steps to take should a leased vehicle breakdown.

  1. Call 855-FLT-UTAH (358-8824)

    The VSC Roadside Assistance is available 24 hours a day. The VSC packet will have information needed by the VSC operator including; Vehicle #, Year, Make, Model, and VIN. The VSC will arrange to transport the vehicle and driver to the nearest authorized service station for repair.

  2. Arranging Driver Transportation

    If the driver is in need of a vehicle immediately, the VSC technician will help to arrange a private vehicle rental through Enterprise or another state vehicle.

  3. Repair Time

    If a driver is not in need of a vehicle immediately, they may wait for the repairs to be finished or arrange for transportation home or back to the office. Transportation options include:

    • Enterprise Rent-A-Car (arranged through the VSC)
    • Riding home with the tow truck driver (if allowed)
    • UTA
    • Personal contacts
    • Taxi
    • Employees from the driver's office

    Should the repair process require an overnight stay at the service station, and no feasible transportation alternative is available, arrangements will be made for the driver to stay overnight in a hotel while the vehicle is being replaced.

Contact Information

  • VSC Roadside Assistance
    Ph: (855) FLT-UTAH (358-8824)

Information for VSC

  • Vehicle Number
  • Vehicle Year, Make & Model
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Updated 02/2023