Accident Procedure

The information listed below serves as a reminder regarding the appropriate steps to take when a vehicle has been involved in an accident. The police should be contacted when the accident occurs.

  • What is an Accident?

    An accident report must be submitted in all of the following instances: A Vehicle vs. Vehicle, Vehicle vs. an Animal or Person, A Vehicle vs. an Object, Vandalism, Any incidents when occurrence of damage is UNKNOWN.

  • When to Submit a Report

    The accident report must be submitted within 24 hours from the time the damage occurred. Any report not submitted in a timely manner may not be covered by Risk Management (Insurance) and the total repair amount will be charged to your department.

  • What's Next?

    Once the form has been submitted, the accident coordinator will contact you with an accident (care package) number and direct you as to when and where to take the vehicle for estimates and repairs. After the vehicle has been taken to the authorized repair vendor, Fleet Operations, through the accident coordinator, will process the repair and submit to Risk Management.

  • Towing Required?

    If your vehicle requires towing contact D & J Towing 24 hr. service at 801-566-8822 or Lost Recovery at 801-622-7376 (in Salt Lake Area) or the Vehicle Services Center (VSC) at 855-FLT-UTAH (358-8824).

  • Print a Copy?

    Print a copy of the Accident Report for your Records.