The eBike program is provided, at no cost, to the employees of participating agencies for local transportation needs. The eBikes are electric pedal assist bicycles. This means as the rider is pedaling, the bicycles electric motors are helping to turn the wheels. Having the extra assistance while pedaling makes riding up hill as well as down hill a lot more pleasant.

To be eligible to rent the eBikes, the employee must have an active Fleet Operator ID, watch the following eBike training, sign the release form and make a reservation.

  • Current Fleet customers (those eligible to drive state vehicles and/or rent Enterprise vehicles) already have an active Operator ID that can be used to rent a Capitol eBike. For those without an active Operator ID please contact Dan Black 801-957-7272 to get set up.
  • To make an eBike Reservation you can  find the link below under the "I want to...Rent an eBike" or click the button below.
Rent an eBike