Basics for Fleet Contacts and Managers

Preventative Maintenance and Repair
Fleet Operators operates a Vehicle Services Center (VSC) to provide vehicle maintenance and repair authorization for full service leased vehicles, including a 24 hour help line. Take the vehicle to a participating vendor and they will call 855-358-8824 to obtain authorization. A list of participating vendors can be found on our Vendor List webpage.

A list of vehicles that need Preventative Maintenance can be found on Web Reports.

Reports are available in Fleet Focus or Cognos Reports Click here to be re-directed.

Monthly Billing
Fixed rate (Monthly Lease Rate + Fees) + Variable Mileage Rate (Maintenance and Repair) + Fuel Costs = Monthly Bill

Other Charges would be daily rental and one time charges .

Target replacement mileage is 105,000 for gasoline engines and 180,000 for diesel engines.
Most vehicles are replaced during the months of April, May, June, and July.
Default vehicle is determined for each class

Licensing and Registration
Marked Vehicles - Always renewed in the spring (expires June 30th each year)
Unmarked Vehicles - Renewed depending on the time it went into service

Operator ID’s
Any operator driving a vehicle while conducting state business should have an “Operator ID”, Rule 27-3-3. Agencies create the Operator ID’s for their employees. See Marcie Valenzuela for training.

Invalid and Incorrect Operator ID’s
Each week a list is sent to agencies of Operator ID’s that have an invalid Drivers License (DL) or an incorrect Drivers License (DL). An incorrect DL occurs when there isn’t a match in the Department of Public Safety’s list of Drivers Licenses, usually a typo. An invalid DL could be a result of many different things, including one that has expired. Contact the supervisor and individual and let them know they cannot drive until the DL is valid.