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Fleet Motor Pool FAQ

What do I do if my vehicle breaks down?
Call the Vehicle Services Center (VSC) at 855-358-8824.
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What do I do in case of an accident?
Call the police. Review our Accident Procedure located on the Fleet Program page.
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How do I get my windshield repaired or replaced?
View our Windshield Repair/Replacement procedures located on the Fleet Program page.
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Where do I go if I need to get new tires on my vehicle?
View our Tire Replacement instructions located on the Fleet Program page.
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I am going out of town for state business and am taking a state vehicle, can my [family member] ride in the state vehicle with me?
Rule R27-3-4(4)(a) states: (4) Unless otherwise authorized, the following are examples of the unauthorized use of a state vehicle: (a) Transporting family, friends, pets, associates or other persons who are not state employees or are not serving the interests of the state.
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Where can I find the current Motor Pool Rates?
You can do a comparison between renting or using your personal vehicle to determine the best rates by clicking On Demand Motor Pool in the Motor Pool Section.
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How do I reserve a Motor Pool Vehicle?
Daily rentals are now through Enterprise Rent a Car. To reserve a vehicle fill out the online Reservation for any On Demand locations or click the button below the On Demand locations to rent from Enterprise Retail Locations. Vehicles may be rented for up to 30 consecutive days per reservation. If you need a vehicle for more than 30 days a new reservation will need to be made for each 30 day period.
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Who do I contact to file a complaint about a state driver?
Fill out our online Driver Complaint Form.
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How do I request a User ID for the online reports?
Fill out the User ID Request form located on the Forms page.
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Who do I contact if I have questions about my Motor Pool bill?
Contact Roger Faris at rfaris@utah.gov or 801-957-7267
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Fuel FAQ

Who do I contact if I have problems with my GasCard or PIN while fueling?
Call the DTS Helpdesk 1-800-678-3440 and select option 2 for GasCard or PIN and you will be transferred to someone in the Fuel Network.  If you paid for the fuel yourself fill out the Reimbursement form located on the Forms page and email it, along with a scanned copy of the receipt, to RSlade@utah.gov.
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How do I request a GasCard PIN number?
Fill out the Employee PIN Request form located on the Forms page and email it to fuelrequests@utah.gov.
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How do I request a replacement GasCard?
fill out the Vehicle Worksheet located on the Forms page and email it to fuelrequests@utah.gov.
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State Travel FAQ

How do I contact the State Travel Office?
The best way to contact one of our travel consultants is to email an agent directly or call our main line at (800)367‐3230. You can find all of our contact information at fleet.utah.gov/travel on the “New Phone numbers for Travel agents” link.
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Who do I call for an after hours emergency regarding immediate travel?
If it is an emergency after regular business hours and you need to speak with someone regarding immediate travel, please call our after hours emergency line 888‐739‐7018. If you are calling during business hours and you need to speak with someone immediately, call 800-367-3230
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How do I check in for my flight?
If your ticket is electronic and you are traveling domestically, you will only need a government issued ID,such as a driver’s license or a military ID. You can check in on the airlines website, skycap, airline ticket counter or kiosk. It is a good idea to have a copy of your itinerary which is emailed to you. For international travel, you need to have a passport and you may do the same check in process as above. A travel visa may also be required. Check with our office for any additional documents that may be required for your specific international location.
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Why do you charge a $25.00 service fee?
The service fee allows the State of Utah to maintain the State Travel Office. Having a structured travel program has the following benefits:

  • Contracted travel agency
  • Contracted air fares that are unrestricted
  • Special service desks with most airlines
  • Unused ticket tracking
  • Car rental contracted rates that include insurance
  • Discounts at many hotels
  • Employee tracking/emergency assistance
  • Reports and tracking of expenditures

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Why do I need to book a car through the State Travel Office?
The contracted rates with Enterprise, Hertz, and National include insurance which is required for business travel.
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What is the difference between a government fare and a nonrefundable fare?
A government fare is refundable and changeable without penalty. There are no advance purchase requirements. A non refundable fare is an instant purchase fare and cannot be guaranteed until a ticket is purchased. They have penalties for any changes. We also cannot hold a non refundable reservation past 24 hours. Government fares can be held up to departure.
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What is the importance of having my full legal name for my reservation?
Due to the FAA rules and regulations, all tickets must match the travelers government issue identification. No nicknames or abbreviations are accepted. A nickname or abbreviation will lead to denied boarding and a forfeit of your airline ticket. Also, as per TSA requirements we also must have your gender and date of birth as per the TSA Secure Flight Program.
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What do I need to confirm my reservation?
Depending on your institution or department guidelines, you will need either a Travel number and unit number, a credit card number, or a BTA number. A ticket will not be issued without one of these numbers.
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Who do I call to reconfirm my reservation?
It is a good rule of thumb to call the airline directly 24 hours prior to departure to reconfirm. You may also call the State Travel Office during business hours.
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Do I get better fares for booking in advance?
Booking travel in advance gives the traveler the opportunity to take advantage of the best fares due to better seat availability and more flight options.
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What are the change fees? Why are they assessed?
Change fees are charged by the airline for any changes made to a non refundable reservation. The airline determines the amount of the penalties, which can vary with each airline and fare.
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What does your 24-Hour Review Policy mean?
This policy means that when your reservation is confirmed, you have 24 hours to call the State Travel Office to make changes or cancel without penalty. This 24 hour period is for you to make sure there are no errors to your reservation. Once the 24 hours has passed all change fees will be assessed.
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Why should I work through my travel planner rather than directly through the State Travel Office?
Working through a travel planner gives our agents a direct contact for the entire booking process and also throughout the trip. This results in efficiently obtaining approval numbers and therefore issuing the ticket in a timely manner. It also gives the agent a person to work through in case of any changes or problems during the trip.
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Can the State Travel Office book groups? If so, what consists of a group booking?
Yes. Group bookings must be 10 or more passengers traveling to and from the same destination on the same dates. All group bookings must be called in or emailed to an agent. The State Travel Office can book all airlines for groups. The benefits of booking groups through the State Travel Office are: tracking of schedule changes, full service assistance, and after hour’s assistance.
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